The Tender Grip of Desire by Melia Banu

I started this book for five years ago and I never thought I would finish it. But It happened. I finished it and published it.  It is available in Kindle format only. (soon, in paperback.)

Here is the short blurb i wrote for it:

Injured in a car accident that left her disabled, Jane’s career as an archaeologist is over, and she contemplates life in a wheelchair. But when her best friend Isabelle connects her with the best therapist in the city, Jane starts believing in the miracles she’d heard this young and famous doctor can do. Except that he seems to have taken an unprofessional interest in her, a married woman, ten years his senior. Caught between hopes of recovery and the need to protect a crumbling life, Jane wishes she could forget the past and hide from the future.

The Tender Grip of Desire is for those women searching for a way to liberate themselves, summon the courage to take a second chance, and believe in themselves. I want to say: ladies, there is beauty in us if we can let it shine.

If you find it interesting, you can get it for free in kindle unlimited.

P.S. It would mean a lot for me if you could leave a short review on Amazon. Thank you,

MeliaBanu (AKA – Camelia Krausmann)

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