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C.C. Reverie is a freelance journalist and independent author who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. She started her career as a journalist more then twenty years ago, at first reporting for a small newspaper then moving on to a television station where she had worked as a news journalist, and later as a freelance documentarist.

As an author, C.C. Reverie had written and published few poems in her native language and two short stories in English. The place where the sun never dies and Days are never quite alike were published in Novelty – Story and Perspective magazine, February 2012 issue and signed as Goldenstar Kytori.

Her first novel, Sniff it!, a “smart kids’ book”, had been recently published in digital edition.

Historian by education, C.C. Reverie has earned a B.A. with a major in European History from a prestigious institution in Bucharest.

C.C. Reverie was born in communist Romania and had lived part of her life trying to fight the regime. Ultimately, she had moved to U.S., but she had kept her Romanian citizenship. She is now working on her next book, a sequel to Sniff it!

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