The Winter’s Claw is out

There’s been five years, give or take a few days, since my first book, Sniff it! was released on digital edition. Even though it was designed to be the first one in a series, which was later titled Adventures in Happyland, this first book remained one of its kind for too long.

by C.C. Reverie
The Winter’s Claw – Adventures in Happyland, book 2

But today, a second book has joined the series: The Winter’s ClawAdventures in Happyland, book 2.

The Winter’s Claw follows the main character, a stray dog called Pepper, in his quest to find his long-lost master. But a harsh winter, human malice and the hostility of his kind make survival almost impossible. Luckily, he has a few special friends which know that he’s in trouble; and Pepper himself is a very stubborn dog who refuses to give up without a fair fight.

Some of the characters in the first book have come along on the second one. These are mainly Pepper’s friends. But we lost one secondary character and introduced a few others, some of which I hope will make it to the next books in the series.

For now, The Winter’s Claw is available through and Smashwords will distribute it to other retailers like Barnes and Nobles, Kobo and so on, plus a handful of libraries. Click on the link and it will take you to its page. If you read it, don’t forget to give me short feedback. It will be appreciated greatly.

I would like to take the time to say a few words about the people that help me make this book better: Jon Hamblin, my editor, who help me improve the book enormously, and graphic artist Giuseppe the Iure, who design the cover and put a face to my character.

Also, for those of you who listen to audiobooks, I have ten (10) free copies of the first book, Sniff it, that I can giveaway. It will be first come first served. Please email me with the title Sniff it and I will reply with instructions on how to get it. The narrator of this book, Brandon Rainsford, mostly know in the gaming industry, has the talent to give the characters their own voices.




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